Yucaipa, California

6/16/2019 to 6/20/2109

Beautiful weather, a beautiful campground, and a nice 4 days to relax

Sunday 6/16/2019   We woke up this morning and drove 245 miles from Las Vegas to Yucaipa, California.  I chose this campground because it was outside of L.A. and we needed to drive Danny to his friend Max's house in Santa Monica the following morning.  Danny and Max had a meeting planned for Monday morning with some potential clients to discuss a project.  We arrived in Yucaipa around 3 pm and immediately set up and then got something quick to eat.  Danny needed to go back to his storage container in Morongo Valley and pick-up some of his personal items he had stored there.  We also stopped at the workshop site to take a last look at the three projects.  The site at the top of the hill (we didn't climb up for a photo) which was painted several bright colors had been painted over in white by the property owner.  The Ebb and Flow site was beginning to be dismantled.  The Dots site was still up and surrounded by the caution tape.  The property owner is worried about people that rent the house as an Airbnb getting injured on the projects.  It was sad to see them being dismantled or possibly torn down.  We drove back to Yucaipa where Danny packed up to return to L.A. tomorrow.  I'll show more photos of this park we're staying in later on as Rose and I will be here for four more days.  But I want to say that it's a beautiful, spacious regional park.  Just the sort of camping we enjoy.

Monday 6/17/2019     We woke up very early today to drive Danny into Santa Monica.  His meeting was at 10 am and it was supposed to be an hour and a half ride.  We left at 6 am thinking it would be plenty of time even with L.A. traffic.  We started getting worried when it was almost three hours later and we weren't there yet.  But we made it there about 9:10 am and he still had a few minutes to spare.  We said our sad goodbyes and we began the return trip to Yucaipa.  But first, we drove a few blocks to the beach.  It wasn't a very nice morning at the beach, the skies were very grey, it wasn't warm and it was just a dreary day.  We didn't park and walk the beach as it wasn't very inviting at all.  The drive back took half as long and we just enjoyed the great regional park for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6/18/2019, 6/19/2019, 6/20/2019     When the Danny's RV Repair was putting on the new leaf spring in Williams, Arizona he noticed a bubble in one of the trailer tires.  The tires were three years old and not rated for nearly as long as car tires are.  I decided to buy four new trailer tires at a close-by Goodyear Tire shop in Yucaipa.  I spent the majority of the day removing two old tires at a time, bringing them to the shop where they put the new tires on the rims.  Then I returned to the trailer and put the two new tires on one side and removed the two old tires from the other side and brought them to the Goodyear shop.  It took a good part of the day and the tires were fine until I noticed one of them losing air.  I decided it was the valve stem and had to once again remove the tire and return it to the tire shop to have a new valve put on. Also, since we were staying here for three nights I washed the truck and trailer.  At first, I washed the truck and parts of the trailer that couldn't be seen by the other campers because most parks don't allow the washing of vehicles.  But then I asked the park gate attendant and he said it was fine to wash both of them.  We also took several walks around the park.  It's a great place to stay, the sites are very spacious, the weather was fantastic - no need for air conditioning - and it was so nice to camp under trees again.  The park was situated near three lakes and a swimming area with slides and a playground.  We had the feeling of being in the great outdoors but five minutes away there was anything you needed.  We enjoyed dinner at a little place called The Kopper Kettle Kafe and Katering Co.  (Why they didn't make the Co. a K - I don't know.)  It was just a tiny place with the entrance all covered in ivy.  We actually weren't ready to leave the town of Yucaipa and considered skipping our next destination of Laughlin, Nevada and staying for five more days because we liked it so much.  But, they didn't have any space for us, so it's on to more hot desert.

Friday 6/21/2019     Yucaipa Regional Park was one of the nicest campgrounds we have ever stayed in. The last 4 days were very quiet and relaxing, plus I got a lot of maintenance done on the trailer. We hated to leave but had a schedule to keep. Today we packed up and headed to Bullhead City, Arizona. 

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