Sacramento, CA

8/2/2018 to 8/4/2018

Just hanging out for a few days in Sacramento

Thursday 8/2/2018 and 8/3/2018     We really didn't have any plans to visit Sacramento, CA but the way it worked out we spent 3 nights here. Finding places to stay seems to be getting harder and harder as we work our way up north. We knew we wanted to visit San Francisco so weeks ago I found a campground fairly close to the city but really didn't know the exact dates that I wanted. So I just guessed at when I thought we would be close. As it happened we had 3 days to wait between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco and Sacramento is about halfway between the two. So I booked a campground there. Because Sacramento is the capital of California they have a large fairground where the state fair is held each year. This fairground also has a large campground where workers and fairgoers can stay during the fair. When the fair is over and no special events are planned it's open to the public. It was basically a blacktop and gravel parking lot with hookups but it was also very close to the city and quiet. Surprisingly there were a lot of other RVs here. The first day we just set up and hung around the trailer. The second day we drove around the city a little, caught a movie, and spent some time in a laundromat doing our laundry.

Saturday 8/4/2018     Sacramento is the capital of California and I found out that you can take free tours of the historical capital building. We found a place to park on the street not too far away from the building and went through the main entrance where you had to go through security. From there you were free to roam around most of the building or take a guided tour. We were a few minutes late for the tour but they said we could join in. A nice young woman guided the tour and told us many facts about the history of the capital. The stone and woodwork were amazing and they kept many of the old office antique furniture just the way it was over a hundred years ago. The building itself was modeled very similarly to the Washington D.C. capital building and even has the grand rotunda. Portraits of all the past governors were scattered throughout the building. Of course, Arnold’s was the largest. After we finished touring the capital we strolled outside to their 40-acre park that surrounds the Capitol. They have 450 different varieties of trees and plants from all over the world and memorials to various events and a large memorial honoring California’s fallen firefighters. Once we were done walking around outside we drove a short distance to The Old Spaghetti Factory and had a late lunch. The remainder of the day was just some grocery shopping and I did some more research on the computer for future campsites in Oregon and Washington.

Sunday 8/5/2018     Today we left our campground in Sacramento right around the 11:00 check out time. We only have 100 miles to travel today. We are moving to a Regional Park in Del Valle, California which is about 58 miles from San Francisco.

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