Cheyenne, Wyoming

5/8/2019 and 5/9/2019

Cold, windy and snow in the spring

Wednesday 5/08/2019   We've experienced nothing but fog and cold rain for days so we were looking forward to heading southward for some warmer weather.  We left Custer, South Dakota in the morning and began our drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We had reservations for two nights at A.B. Campground. It was a very long 253 miles through mostly cattle ranches.  Our hopes for better weather didn't happen as it was still very cold and windy and about halfway there it started to snow sporadically.  We arrived at around 2:00.  After we set up the trailer we needed to drive to Tractor Supply to refill our propane tank again.  It's been so cold that we've needed to run the furnace constantly.  This is the second time already we've had to refill the tank.

Thursday 5/09/2019    We had a nice winter surprise this morning.  We woke up to two inches of snow on the truck and trailer.  I wasn't really expecting snow in May so I guess we started our trip a little too early.  I don't think we'll plan any more camping in the north until after Memorial Day.  We didn't have anything planned for today so we just stayed inside and hibernated.

Friday 5/10/2019    We left Cheyenne, Wyoming around 9:30 this morning and headed to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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