Palmyra, Maine

8/28/16 to 8/31/16

Sunday 8/28/16    I’m sure no one reading this blog has ever heard of Palmyra, Maine. Heck, I never did either until I got the map out and decided where we were going next. This was another “in between place”. In between where we were and where we wanted to be. We planned on camping close to Mt. Katahdin (The highest peak in Maine) but it was too far to drive from The White Mountains in New Hampshire. So we ended up in Palmyra, Maine. I usually research potential campgrounds online. I have a couple sites I use to help me chose our next campground. I really think I spend too much time reading reviews and calling around, but it has to be done. This place got good reviews and although there wasn’t much to do in this area I booked 4 days here. At least we could relax a while from our busy last week.

Travel distance from Apple Hill Campground to Palmyra Campground was 152 miles. It took us a little over 4 hours to get here. Traveling again on back roads through small towns. The usual speed limit was 40 to 50 but every time we would come into a small town it would drop to 35 or 25. And since it was Sunday, it seemed like every town had some type of flea market or junk sale going on. Palmyra Campgrounds is located right behind Palmyra Golf Course. The golf course and campground are owned by the same people. The campground is really nice but I won’t give you a review of the golf course since we don’t golf. At first, when we checked in and set up it was just like any other place. We asked for full hookups (water, electric & sewer) and they put us in an open field lined up with other trailers. Once we got set up we walked around the campground to check it out. We walked back into a wooded area and found some really nice wooded and secluded spots. So we went back to the office and asked if we could move. The guy behind the counter reminded us that those sites did not have sewer hookups. And since I had asked for full hookups when I called that’s why they put us where they did. But our holding tank allows us to go a few days without a sewer hookup. And they had a dump station where we could empty our tank on the way out. So we went back to the trailer and packed everything up and moved to the site we picked out. We’re glad we did, it was worth it. This was one of the nicest sites we’ve used. We were tucked back into pine trees and had the area to ourselves. We didn’t have anyone near us until the last day before we left.

Monday 8/29/16     We didn’t have anything planned for today so we slept in a little and just relaxed most of the morning. Later we decided to take a ride into Bangor which was about 25 miles away. We ended up doing a little shopping and eating a late lunch in town. On the way back to the campgrounds we stopped at a Maine visitors center and picked up a bunch of literature on things to see and do in Maine.

Tuesday 8/30/16     One of the pamphlets we picked up yesterday advertised The Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor. Looking for something to do today I talked Rose into going. It was a very unique and interesting museum. It is a 100-year effort by the Cole family that collected vehicles related to Maine. The Cole family started hauling goods with a horse and wagon back in 1917 and grew into a very large trucking company which was sold to Roadway in 1992. There’s a little of everything in this museum. Old farm equipment, fire trucks, snow plows, cars, delivery trucks, semi trucks, snowmobiles, chainsaws, full-size trains, motorcycles, army vehicles and much more. We spent all morning inside, went out to get lunch and came back for another hour or so. I’m not going to bore you with a lot of pictures but here are a few just so you can get an idea of what it looked like inside.

Wednesday 8/31/16     Today we searched for someplace to hike. We found a short trail close to Bangor so we headed back into town. It was called The Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve. This was on Bangor Land Trust land and took us through a nice heavily wooded area and a marsh. The trail was marked well and nicely maintained. We ended up walking about 4 miles.

Thursday 9/1/16     Palmyra Campgrounds was a peaceful nice place to relax for a couple days. Today we are packing up and heading to Millinocket, Maine.

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