Lake Havasu City, Arizona

6/06/2019 and 6/07/2019

A beautiful lake in the middle of the desert but very hot!

Thursday 6/06/2019     We are driving today to Lake Havasu State Park in Arizona, about a 194-mile trip.  Our actual destination is The Grand Canyon but we are taking a break and resting here for two nights because I didn't want to drive that far in one day.  We stayed at the same Arizona State Park last year and it's very nice but extremely hot.  We set up the trailer in the 102-degree heat and then we headed out to the local In N Out Burger for a late lunch and also stopped for diesel fuel.  Later, when the sun began to go down we took a walk around the park.  We strolled alongside the lake, through a nearby cactus garden and then sat on a picnic table and watched the beautiful sunset.

Friday 6/07/2019     Danny was still completely worn out from all the planning and manual labor that he put into his workshop, so we let him sleep in as long as he could.  Later in the day, we made a short trip to see the original London Bridge which was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch and brought to Lake Havasu City in 1967. For information on the bridge click here. We also walked along the shoreline trail and watched all the boating activity.  It's a very active area on Friday nights. There were hundreds of boats arriving and lining up on the shoreline, claiming their spot for the night.  Once back at the trailer we changed into our swimming suits and headed to the beach area to take a swim in the cool waters of Lake Havasu.  After our swim, Danny put on his chef's hat and treated us to one of his delicious home-cooked meals.

Saturday 6/08/2019     Today we packed up and are headed to Williams, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon.

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