Desert Hot Springs, California

6/9/2018 to 6/10/2018

Saturday 6/9/2018     We're leaving Morongo Valley today and heading back to the KOA in Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs.  The same campground we stayed at before the workshop. It's only 23 miles away but months ago when we made the reservations we wanted to stay close in case Danny needed us for anything after his workshop. When Danny and Rebecca were ready, we headed into Yucca Valley one last time to have breakfast at the Frontier Cafe.  Unfortunately, they only serve breakfast until 11 am and it was now 11:15.  We chose sandwiches from the lunch menu and sat down to eat and talk.  They serve very fresh, organic and I guess trendy meals. After lunch, we headed back to Hidden Passage where Danny and Rebecca began cleaning up the left-over food in the kitchen and tossing most of it while we packed up the trailer to leave.  We left about 1 pm and they followed us to the RV park.  While we were setting up, they visited the swimming pool and relaxed for a short time in one of the hot springs hot tubs at the campground.  Danny has been wanting to watch the new Star Wars series based on the young Han Solo, I believe it's just called Solo.  We drove to Palm Springs for a matinee to watch the movie and enjoy some popcorn and air-conditioning.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.  Then sadly, after the movie, we had to say goodbye to Danny and Rebecca so they could begin their drive back to Los Angeles.  Gian is flying out tonight at midnight and Rebecca leaves tomorrow at noon.  

Sunday 6/10/2018    The campground we are staying at is nearly empty and now I know why.  This area is very hot this time of the year and also extremely windy.  Since Desert Hot Springs is located in a low valley it's about 10 to 15 degrees hotter than where we were two days ago.  We survived two weeks at Hidden Passage Guest Ranch without air conditioning but I don't think we could have done it here. The campground itself is pretty nice but it's too far from Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. It's surrounded by miles of desert wasteland.  Palm Springs is about  25 minutes away and you have to drive through a huge wind farm where you feel like you're being blown off the road.  To get to any of the main Joshua Tree National Park's entrances takes about an hour. 

We spent the morning inside the trailer cleaning. Because we didn't have air conditioning at Danny's workshop we had most of our windows open and we were running a couple of fans. Everything inside got very dirty and dusty. We had to wipe down the all the woodwork, sweep the carpet and wash the floors. Around noon we drove into Palm Springs to do some shopping and get lunch.  Then we just returned to the trailer and relaxed until it was a little cooler so we could drive into downtown Palm Springs and walk around.  It's basically a main boulevard of high priced shops and restaurants but it was a nice walk.  We also walked to an apartment that Wendy house sat for a while when she was living in California.  It was a nice little apartment building and looked like it had a nice flower garden but we couldn't get a good look from the sidewalk.  We walked back into the neighborhood further and there were very many expensive beautiful homes.  We walked most of the boulevard up and down until about an hour after dark and then headed back to the truck to drive back to Desert Hot Springs.

Monday 6/11/2018     Today we are headed to the cool mountain town of Idyllwild, California.