Las Vegas, Nevada


Passing through Vegas on the way to LA.

Saturday 6/15/2019     We only had a 135-mile drive today so we took our time driving and arrived at The Main Street Station RV Park at noon.  This is basically a parking lot with full-hookups for RV's in downtown Las Vegas.  We needed to walk to the lobby of The Main Street Casino and check-in.  While we were there, we decided to eat at their buffet.  The buffet was just your normal Las Vegas buffet but the decor of the hotel and casino were beautiful.  They re-used furniture, antiques, and lighting, etc. from places all over the world.  There's even a portion of the torn down Berlin Wall in the men's room.  (sorry, I don't have a picture)  After our buffet, we drove to the MGM Grand on the strip and parked.  We walked through several of the casinos just to see if anything had changed.  We only spent a couple of hours there and then we drove back to the trailer and rested.  We were waiting for dark so we could walk to Fremont Street downtown and see all the nighttime action.  


We walked the short three blocks to Fremont Steet around 9 pm.  We expected it to be crazy but weren't prepared for how crazy it was.  It always has many street performers, live entertainment and crowds but we've never seen it this crowded.  We soon discovered it was because the rapper, Nelly was performing in a free concert in the center of Fremont Street.  It was shoving room only to try to move away from that area.  Once we were able to maneuver out of the worst of it, we were able to walk around a little better.  We visited a few casinos, which were also very full of gamblers, lost a little bit of money, and saw some very "odd" people.  Fremont Street at night is always an experience but this year it was extreme.

Sunday 6/16/2019     Today we packed up the trailer and headed to Yucaipa, California.

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