Bullhead City, Arizona

6/21/2019 to 6/25/2019

Located on the Colorado River right across from Laughlin, Nevada

Friday 6/21/2019     Our drive this morning was 234 miles from Yucaipa, California to Bullhead City, Arizona.  We are headed for a longer stay in Las Vegas in about five days but we needed an in-between spot for now.  So, Bullhead City, Arizona, and Laughlin, Nevada it is.  Laughlin is a gambling town situated on the Colorado River in Nevada.  The river is the borderline for both states. We stayed at the Davis Camp RV Park in Bullhead City on the Arizona side but to go to a casino, you have to cross the river to Laughlin on the Nevada side.  Davis Camp is another no-frills spot that mostly boaters and jet skiers take advantage of.  In fact, it looks like the most popular activity in this area is jet skiing. There are dozens of places in town that rent jet skis and they are blasting up and down the river all day. It's just a short walk from our trailer to the river where there's a beach area and a boat and jet ski launch.  It is still very hot and dry here but our air-conditioners are working fine. 🙂  We just set up the trailer, and went for low-cost diesel fuel (compared to California, it's a steal), it was only $ 2.62 at Sam's Club. And then drove around to check out the area.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 6/22/2019 to 6/25/2019     We woke up to another pleasant surprise today - a trailer full of bees.  OK - not exactly full but enough to make for a morning of chasing bees around.  I couldn't understand where they were coming from.  This campground is basically blacktop, gravel and a small patch of grass.  There was no place for the bees to have a nest anywhere nearby.  My best guess is a swarm of bees happened upon our trailer and decided to check it out.  We were finding bees in our cabinets, kitchen drawers, and every window until Rose convinced me to use some of our insect spray outside around some openings.  It seemed to work and by the end of the day, we weren't finding any more bees.  The next day was Sunday and we just relaxed around the campground.  I worked on the blog while Rose worked on a puzzle.  Towards evening when it was slightly cooler (99 degrees) we took a stroll around the campground.  On Monday we took a drive over the bridge spanning the Colorado River and visited a few casinos.  Do you remember when we arrived here and I said how hot it was - but that our air-conditioners were working?  Well, when we left the casino we had no air-conditioning in the truck.  The same truck I paid big money to have fixed a few weeks ago. (:  So, I did a Google search and found a repair shop with some good reviews and called them.  This was late afternoon but they said to bring the truck by and they would try to squeeze it in and take a look at it.  When I arrived they immediately drove the truck around back and inspected it.  Thankfully, they said it was just a hose that burst and all the Freon leaked out.  They fixed it in a short time and charged me a very fair price.  If you are ever in need of car repairs in Bullhead City, call C & C Automotive.  They were great.  We again waited for the evening to take a walk to the beach and the river.  The daytime temps were near 105 degrees so we waited until it dropped below 100.   Tuesday we drove across the river again and visited Harrah's and The Colorado Belle Casinos.  We left behind just a little bit of cash but I still felt more at home in the Loser's Lounge.  The casinos have a nice, paved riverwalk behind them.  You can stroll or enjoy a riverboat ride.  We drove back to Davis Camp and rest for our final evening here.

Wednesday 6/26/2019     Today we packed up and are headed to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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