Indiana Dunes State Park

9/22/2018 to 9/25/2018

Heading home from Nebraska

Saturday 9/22/2018    After visiting family in Nebraska we were ready to begin our trip back home. Home was still a thousand miles away so we decided to break it up into six days. Today we drove 224 miles to Avoca, Iowa.  We found a campground at the Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds to spend just one night. Avoca is a very small town and their fairgrounds were also very small. They had about 30 spaces for RVs and only charged $20.00 a night. We set up the trailer and then found a local restaurant for dinner. There wasn't really much to see here and I didn't take any pictures.

Sunday 9/23/18     Today we drove 221 miles and spent another night in Iowa. We stayed at Little Bear Campground in West Liberty, Iowa. Again we were here for just one night and didn't do or see anything. The campground was a lot nicer than the night before but it was the end of the camping season and they had already closed up the pool. Tonight we had dinner in the trailer because there was nothing but a gas station for miles around.

Monday 9/24/2018    Today we drove 240 miles from Iowa, through Ilinois, and to a State Park in Indiana. This park is named Indiana Dunes State Park and is located right at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, just 50 miles from Chicago. It is a nice park and seeing the sand dunes so close to Ohio surprised us.  The campground is also very nice.  There's plenty of room between the trailers, clean restrooms, showers, and many shade trees. The sites only have electric hookups but we had plenty of water in our tanks to last two nights.


Tuesday 9/25/2018   We took a nice walk on the wooden boardwalk that ran from the campground to the lake and the dunes.  There weren't many people on the beach and the recreation building was closed for the season.  School children were on a field trip to climb up and down the sand dunes. Not bad for Lake Michigan and I'm sure this place is packed in the hot summer days.

Wednesday 9/26/2018    We left Indiana Dunes State Park right around 10:00 AM and headed to East Harbor State Park in Ohio on Lake Erie.

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