Lake Havasu, Arizona


Lake Havasu State Park & The London Bridge

Thursday 6/14/2018     We left our cool mountaintop campsite and headed back to the hot desert. We went from pine trees to palm trees. Our 239-mile drive today started out by driving slowly down the curvy mountain road. Then onto a busy freeway and then a hundred miles on a two-lane road through the dry desert. Finally, we crossed into Arizona over the Colorado River and began to see signs of civilization. We pulled into Lake Havasu State Park around 4:00 and it was 107 degrees. This state park is really nice and we had a great site. The sites are spaced out so you are not right next to your neighbor and it has beachfront spots.  After having a nice dinner at a small Italian restaurant in Lake Havasu we drove a very short distance to see the famous London Bridge.  We parked and took a walk down underneath the bridge and took some pictures, then we went back up and took a walk across the bridge and back again.  The bridge was purchased from the city of London on April 18, 1968 for $2,460,000.00.  It took three years and another $4,500,000.00 to transport the bridge to Arizona and rebuild it.  The grand opening took place on October 10, 1971.  This is truly a gem of an oasis in the desert with the spectacular London Bridge and the beautiful Colorado River.  So many people were enjoying all the water sports by boating, jet skiing or splashing on the river's beaches.   We went back to the RV park and took a stroll along the waterfront to watch the sunset.  We were a little late for the full effect of the sunset but it was still a sight to see.

Friday 6/15/2018     Today we packed up and are headed to Winslow, Arizona and Meteor Crater.